29 March 2024

This is Raghad

A mere glimpse of the Gaza tragedy. Blink, and another young person is killed in the most tragic of circumstances.

“This is Raghad, the symbol of resilience, lying under the rubble since October 15th. Since that day, her father, my cousin's son, Saleh, has been digging through the debris with his bare hands, hoping to rescue her. He used to tell me, 'Perhaps she feels comfort knowing I'm coming, even if I can't get her out.' For the past 8 days, Raghad has been missing her father, as Saleh went to accompany his cousin Ahed to Al-Shifa Hospital before the army raided it and arrested Saleh, leaving his fate unknown.”

Ramy Abdul, Assistant Professor of Law and Medicine & Chairman, EuroMedHR

March 28th 2024