Next time you need Gauze to heal a wound, remember Gaza. The word gauze (finely woven medical cloth) got its name from Gaza where it was invented.

14 July 2024


I remember these words from the Syrian refugee crisis and they struck a chord then. I don’t know who wrote it. Perhaps I should write one with Palestine being at the centre of the tale.

Yesterday I got awarded the Honour of “Doctor of the University” for contribution to human rights by the University of Strathclyde. I’m not an establishment person, so when I was asked to accept this, I thought they must have the wrong person.

The man holding the banner on the front left of this #Kashmir march in #Glasgow is my father, Zia Ul Haq Qureshi, from #Wah, #Taxila, #Pakistan.

Since childhood, I remember the angry faces of the National Front on the news.

29 March 2024

This is Raghad

A mere glimpse of the Gaza tragedy. Blink, and another young person is killed in the most tragic of circumstances.

Amidst the ongoing mass slaughter in Gaza, new testimonies emerge to show there are simply no limits and no end to the depravity we are witnessing.

Speaking out against the Gaza slaughter and in support of a free Palestine means being free to criticise the apartheid state of Israel.

25 February 2024

This life

Inside 24 hours hundreds of people came together to support the Iman appeal, to help a Palestinian family escape Gaza through the Raffa crossing. But some people question why we should help one person or one family when 2.3M are under bombardment.

Palestine is where all human rights converge. It’s the dividing line. The old excuses that reduced us all to some degree of complicit silence, will no longer work.