17 March 2024

Freedom to criticise

Speaking out against the Gaza slaughter and in support of a free Palestine means being free to criticise the apartheid state of Israel.

Last month, an employment tribunal ruled that Professor David Miller suffered direct discrimination after Bristol University dismissed him because of his anti-Zionist beliefs

Anti Zionism now qualifies as a philosophical belief and a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

This is a significant blow against those Zionists who have been targeting and retaliating against professors, journalists and others who have criticised the actions of Israel, and accusing them of being anti-semitic.

On the heels of that victory, it’s more important than ever that we exercise that freedom of speech and remind others of the importance of being able to speak without fear or favour, especially in light of Michael Gove attempting to eliminate any criticism of Israel by accusing critics of being extremist. We need to preserve that freedom.